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Boiler tubes

Heat exchanger tubes

Welded pipes

L, LL, KLM finned tubes (fin tubes)

high frequency welded (serrated) finned tubes (fin tubes)

(serrated) extruded finned tubes

hot dipped galvanized oval (elliptical) finned tubes, rectangular fin tubes

condenser fin flat tubes

H / double H finned tubes (fin tubes)

Studded Pipes

Laser welded finned tubes (fin tubes)

G embedded finned tubes (fin tubes)

inner finned tubes (fin tubes)

longitudinal finned tubes (fin tubes)

seamless finned tubes with two longitudinal opposite fins

casting alloy tubes

Tube finning machine

Aluminum plates, strips,foils

Aluminum welding wire rod

Aluminum tubes, profile

Economizer for Boiler

air-cooled heat exchanger (air cooler)


standard & specification

H / double H fin tubes

H / double H fin tubes (TYPES“, Double S“)

Steel H
Pairs of parallel shaped steel fins are resistance welded to the single pressure tubes (pipes) surface under very carefully controlled conditions.The purpose build welding machine ensures very precise indexing along the entire length of the tubes (pipes) and exact parallel attachment.

Double H h, double H / double H fin tubes
A development of the single tubes (pipes) version, the 'Double H' design has the steel fins welded onto two tubes at the same time. For applications with cleaner gases the use of 'Double H' can reduce the number of supports required due to its inherent stiffness.

As a general guide, spacing of tubes (pipes) centres is usually in the range of 2-3 times the tubes (pipes) O/Dia.
. tubes (pipes) O/Dia. [OD] mm - 31.8 to 57.2
. tubes (pipes) Length [L] Metres - Up to and including 18 Metres maximum
. Vertical Centres [V] mm - 65 to 133
. Horizontal Centres [H] mm - 65 to 178
. Fin Thickness [t] mm - 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 (certain fin shapes can be 1.5mm thick material)
. Fin Density [P] mm - Minimum 10mm, i.e. 100 Fins Per Metre (FPM)
. Fin Shape - Over 75 fin shapes as standard, with new fin shapes continually being developed.
Bespoke fin shapes are produced to suit the design application where feasible.

Base tubes (pipes) Material
Typically Carbon, Corten, Low alloy steels.
Tubes quality / type can be Cold Drawn Seamless [CDS], Hot Finished Seamless [HFS], Electric Resistance Welded [ERW].

Fin Material
Carbon Steel Hot Rolled [HR4], Corrosion resisting steels i.e. Corten.

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