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Boiler tubes

Heat exchanger tubes

Welded pipes

L, LL, KLM finned tubes (fin tubes)

high frequency welded (serrated) finned tubes (fin tubes)

(serrated) extruded finned tubes

hot dipped galvanized oval (elliptical) finned tubes, rectangular fin tubes

condenser fin flat tubes

H / double H finned tubes (fin tubes)

Studded Pipes

Laser welded finned tubes (fin tubes)

G embedded finned tubes (fin tubes)

inner finned tubes (fin tubes)

longitudinal finned tubes (fin tubes)

seamless finned tubes with two longitudinal opposite fins

casting alloy tubes

Tube finning machine

Aluminum plates, strips,foils

Aluminum welding wire rod

Aluminum tubes, profile

Economizer for Boiler

air-cooled heat exchanger (air cooler)


standard & specification


Corporate Management: Corporate all business activities are in high accordance with national relevant laws and regulations. Prohibited from corruption and bribery in transaction.


Customer service: We execute strict quality control methods, positively response to customer complains and make regular evaluation for customer's satisfaction.


Value for Employee:Sense of achievement:By establishment and gradual perfection of encouragement mechanism of culture construction, distinct responsibility and rights, a good social image, employee capability development and showing, to make employee feel work meaningful.


Sense of Growth:By embedding obvious feeling of corporate developing prospect in employee's consciousness, provision of training, effective finding and selection of talented persons mechanism, enough promotional space, to make employees feel and experience themselves continuous progress and learning of new abilities.


Sense of Belonging: By building of good enterprise culture and communication channel, fair pay system, better welfare treatment, enterprise can let employees feel their emotions to Enterprise and corporate care.


Magvant does her best to avoid pollution coming from all business activities such as product' s research and development, design, production, transportation, using and purchasing, saving nature resource and energy source, recycling waste etc, to help achieve China and world' s sustainable development.


Social Commonweal: Magvant advocates and organize volunteer activity, charity contribution and social disaster event donation, etc..

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